File-system driver issue

Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at
Tue Jun 25 16:14:11 EDT 2013

I have to port a driver from 2.6.18 to 3.8.3

Look at the below declaration of current
Where struct menu is

The above one is in kconfig while the lower one is in the kernel. So would
they be able to affect each other? I guess NO

NOW in the driver to be ported-
current is defined as:
struct task_struct *task = current;

but is still able to excess  the field members of task_struct
attr.ia_uid = current->uid;
attr.ia_gid = current->gid;

though it has not been initialized or assigned or typecasted to this

I searched on the entire lxr but could not find the solution.
Kindly help.
PS: This driver is built on 2.6.28 kernel so use lxr from 2.6.18 kernel
only like<>
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