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Dibyayan Chakraborty dib.coolguy at
Mon Jun 17 14:49:19 EDT 2013

I am working on a project which requires to implement a file system with
journaling capability.

While i found a number of simple implementations of file systems , they all
were lacking the journaling capability.
like or

Now that i have implemented the formating procedures for the file system i
think the next step would be to implement super_block operations , file
operations for the VFS.

I came to know that ext3/ext4 uses a jbd interface which implements the
journaling capability in a file system independent way. But i could not
find any documentation or details for using the jbd interface.

So, any help which points out to the specific details of jbd interface or
any comments which might be helpful in implementing the journaling
capability is welcome.

With Regards
Dibyayan Chakraborty
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