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tomy tomy at kalkitech.in
Sat Jun 8 03:13:05 EDT 2013

            Currently I am working on an embedded system which is having 
512 MB NAND flash . The embedded system is having u-boot, kernel, root 
filesystem (JFFS2) and a backup file system all reside in NAND flash. I 
am now facing a booting issue randomly  (/*reboot */command from linux 
console ) and the snapshot of the error is given below
//udevd-work[1092]: '/etc/udev/scripts/network.sh' unexpected exit with 
status 0x000b//
//udevd-work[1089]: '/etc/udev/scripts/network.sh' unexpected exit with 
status 0x000b//
//udevd-work[1032]: '/etc/udev/scripts/mount.sh' unexpected exit with 
status 0x000b//
//udevd-work[1112]: '/etc/udev/scripts/network.sh' unexpected exit with 
status 0x000b//
///etc/init.d/rc: line 45:  1760 Segmentation fault      "$@"//
///etc/rcS.d/S37populate-volatile.sh: line 194:  1773 Segmentation 
fault      sh /etc/volatile.cache//
//ln: /var/run/ld.so.cache: No such file or directory//
///etc/init.d/rc: line 45:  1780 Segmentation fault      "$@"//
///etc/rcS.d/S55bootmisc.sh: line 68:  1784 Segmentation fault      
/etc/init.d/hwclock.sh start//
//INIT: Entering runlevel: 5/

After this, the board is not pinging  and not able to login through 
console and the only solution to recover from this is power reboot. But 
in the next reboot everything will be ok.

The problem is happening randomly may be in 30 or 40 software reboots. I 
am not sure whether the issue is happening because of mounting problem, 
but still why this is not happening in every reboots.

So can you people help me to find out the root cause of this problem.


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