Given a page, How to get the NUMA node id of this page

ajay saini ajay_saini1006 at
Thu Aug 29 14:43:00 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I am working on a checkpoint/Restart Linux kernel module. 
Wherein, a process sends a request to this module to checkpoint itself. In this process information about the process is stored in a file, which is used later on to restart the process.

Now when this module is storing the information related to pages (of the process) in a file, we also want to know on which NUMA node this page was assigned
Can you suggest what will be the best way to get this data (page to NUMA node mapping)

I tried using page_to_nid(page), but I am not really sure it gives me correct value.
(Like, I am working on linux 2.6.32, 64 bit machine with 16 cores and there are 4 NUMA nodes (4 cores on each) on it, but this function returns 32 when called)

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