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Paul Waring lists at
Fri Aug 23 04:55:35 EDT 2013

On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 11:16:57AM +1000, Tharanga Abeyseela wrote:
> I have done C and some Linux kernel programming (only Netfilter
> sockets,iptables), but now i decided to learn more on Linux kernel level,
> device drivers..
> so i bought Robert  Loves (Kernel development) book, device driver 3rd ed
> (orelly), and Understanding Linux kernel 3rd edition as my base reference,
> with Operating system design concepts (dragon book).
> Do i need to read at least one book before do some kernel level stuff or
> what is the best way to learn  kernel programming and device driver
> area...(i consider myself as a newbie to the kernel/device drivers)

As well as the books, you should probably look at the Documentation
directory (part of the kernel source tree). There is a lot of useful
information there about how drivers work, both at a generic level and
for specific hardware.

The files under Documentation/driver-model in particular are a good
place to start.

Paul Waring

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