framebuffer console no longer understand escape chars

Woody Wu narkewoody at
Mon Aug 19 02:08:14 EDT 2013

Hi, List

These days I was playing with some kernel configurations on a 3.1x ARM
linux.  I remembered, last week I can do 'echo "\033[2J" > /dev/tty0' to
clear my framebuffer LCD screen, since I have enabled framebuffer
console option in kernel.  But today, I cannot not get the same result
by doing so.  Only the literal "\033[2J" was printed on the screen. Also
I cannot make the screen scrolls by doing something like "dmesg >

I know I have changed some options in kernel configuration for some
other purpose, but I don't what changes can change this thing.  Please
someone be so kind to sort me out.  Thanks in advance!

I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then

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