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On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 3:21 AM, Grzegorz Dwornicki <gd1100 at> wrote:
> Thank you all for this materials. I will read them all.
> As for grading students for fixing bug or writing a driver. This looks
> reasonable. The only problem is with bugs. I am not aware of any bug needed
> to fix list on Linux. As for drivers for new devices. This will require
> constant amount of money from University. This may be a problem in the long
> run.

Just to share some thoughts:

I was managing operating system lab in a university in Indonesia. At
that time, I decided to take "experiment approach". For example, to
understand about scheduling priority effect, I told them to run
scripts that basically write to single file in alternating fashion. By
changing priorities in between, the order will get vary from time to

I took this approach so that the students get the general
understanding on how OS works (particularly Linux and Windows), while
not getting too deep. For now, I decided not to do module programming,
since the students are not fluent in C (they are more adept to Visual
Basic and Java).


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