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> Thank you all for this materials. I will read them all.
> As for grading students for fixing bug or writing a driver. This looks
> reasonable. The only problem is with bugs. I am not aware of any bug needed
> to fix list on Linux. As for drivers for new devices. This will require
> constant amount of money from University. This may be a problem in the long
> run.
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>> On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 12:09 AM, Grzegorz Dwornicki <gd1100 at>wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I'm working on own phd thesis. It includes some kernel hacking for
>>> practical application of my research. I wish to make some progress with
>>> programming classes on my university. We have a lot of high level
>>> programing like object oriented languages but none on low level and kernel
>>> programing.
>>> I wish to know how other universities run classes on operating systems.
>>> I have named this topic about drivers because I think this will be most fun
>>> for the students. But fell free to give me any advices. I have more than
>>> one year to write conspect and get the required hardware. But first I need
>>> to learn myself all I can.
>>> I don't know where to start. Do I need to know electronic and physics
>>> good? Is there some easy to program hardware but at the same time easy to
>>> show how this is done from scratch? At first this would be an optional
>>> classes but I know there are a lot of interested students in this subjects
>>> soo this may become a part of operating systems laboratory classes. They
>>> are as you may expect -  mandatory. I wish to give them a least a good
>>> start.
>>> This isn't as simple as decide what I need to know for my thesis...
>>> Links for articles, hardware on some stores or just it's prod. Id will be
>>> helpful.
>>> Thanks for help
>>> Gregory
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>> Hi Gregory,
>> The one which I know and really like personally is OS by Prof Remzi
>> Arpaci-Dusseau at University of wisconsin. The reference material the book
>> written by the Prof. himself is available on his website for free download.
>> His webpage is*remzi*/. They use the xv6 operating
>> system (unix like) link
>> developed at MIT.
>> - Rohan
One way to look for bugs is go through the list in bugzilla. link

- Rohan
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