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I'm working on own phd thesis. It includes some kernel hacking for
practical application of my research. I wish to make some progress with
programming classes on my university. We have a lot of high level
programing like object oriented languages but none on low level and kernel

I wish to know how other universities run classes on operating systems. I
have named this topic about drivers because I think this will be most fun
for the students. But fell free to give me any advices. I have more than
one year to write conspect and get the required hardware. But first I need
to learn myself all I can.

I don't know where to start. Do I need to know electronic and physics good?
Is there some easy to program hardware but at the same time easy to show
how this is done from scratch? At first this would be an optional classes
but I know there are a lot of interested students in this subjects soo this
may become a part of operating systems laboratory classes. They are as you
may expect -  mandatory. I wish to give them a least a good start.

This isn't as simple as decide what I need to know for my thesis... Links
for articles, hardware on some stores or just it's prod. Id will be

Thanks for help
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