A question about -mm tree and -next tree.

Zhan Jianyu nasa4836 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 09:27:27 EDT 2013

I know that -next tree is doing these things daily:

  1. reset HEAD to  HEAD of linus's tree
  2. merge about 221 subsytem trees automatically

And I know that -mm tree :

  1.  contains patches  which are going to applied into latest Linus release
       (3.x or 3.x-rcY)

   2. most of the patches are included in -next (this is the original
purpose of  the
      -next  tree - to  reduce Andres Mortan's stress and make the patches
      more tested)

So here comes my questions:

    I found that most of the -mm patches are in -next, which  means they will be
       tested more by all developers , but  there are still some
patches are not
       included in -next tree. So why are they special and how they
make their way
       into Linus 's mainline code ?


Zhan Jianyu

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