Pushd and Propd issue in filesystem

Saket Sinha saket.sinha89 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 02:36:52 EDT 2013

I have to support pushd and popd from userspace in a filesystem that I have

In my filesystem driver, to implement it I have done the following

for popd - the driver implementation is
#define pop_root() \
current->fsuid = context->uid; \
current->fsgid = context->gid; \

for pushd - the driver implementation is
#define push_root() \
recursive_mutex_lock(&context->id_lock); \
context->uid = current->fsuid; \
context->gid = current->fsgid; \
current->fsuid = 0; \
current->fsgid = 0

But this implementation is failing at run time.
This is the script with which I am testing this driver. All pushd and propd
are not working in this script.

After trying many other alternatives, I think overriding commits would be a
better choice. So then I would try overriding commits as the below link

Saket Sinha
Can somebody help
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