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On 06/28/2012 01:21 PM, solmac john wrote:
> Thanks for reply
> what is CONFIG_NO_HZ

If you have no idea what a config entry means, use the help in 
menuconfig (or whatever you are using)... e.g. for CONFIG_NO_HZ tells you


  This option enables a tickless system: timer interrupts will
  only trigger on an as-needed basis both when the system is
  busy and when the system is idle.

Symbol: NO_HZ [=n]
Type  : boolean
Prompt: Tickless System (Dynamic Ticks)
    Defined at kernel/time/Kconfig:7
      -> Processor type and features
    Selects: TICK_ONESHOT [=n]

So this already gives you a general idea what the config entry does, and 
some other useful info like dependency on other stuff that has to be 
turn on/off.
> can we enable CONFIG_NO_HZ and CONFIG_HZ both in our config
This question is also answered here, as "Depends on:" would include 
!CONFIG_HZ_250 if it had to be switched or sth.

> and what the drawback of dynamic CONFIG_NO_HZ tick.

I think the problems of longer latencies only apply on idle systems. Not 
100% sure, but I think when the cpu goes into idle, the periodic timer 
is stopped and longer intervals are done using one-shot timer to avoid 
forcing the cpu out of idle just to see that nothing is to do and go 
back into idle.
But I think if the CPU is not in idle the periodic timer.

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>     Hi... :)
>     On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 12:10 PM, solmac john
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>     > I am using ARM multicore board and by default
>     okay, I am answering it from what I know about HZ impact on x86...
>     > CONFIG_HZ=250
>     looks good... a middle safe number, not too high not too low...
>     > Query: - 1- How to decide HZ for particular hardware
>     it's you who you want finer grained timer? or coarse one?
>     the impact is usually toward latency and responsiveness....together
>     with preemption model you choose actually.
>     >               2- Which is the best open source tool to test system
>     > performance from given HZ.
>     run your application in that platform and see if it gives you impact.
>     from my experience, unless you need application that is sensitive in
>     timing such as MIDI sequencer, you won't notice the difference.
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