geting weird semi-random panic on kmalloc

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Tue Jun 26 00:31:01 EDT 2012

Hi... :)

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 6:22 AM, NorthPole <morfeas3000 at> wrote:
> @Mulyadi Santosa
> several sources on the net suggested that interactive debuggers on the
> kernel are a bad thing so I pushed it down on the todo kernel-skill stack so
> I dont yet know how to use qemu's gdb with the kernel

it is described in qemu wiki website actually. I found it here:

jump into 'Debug U-Boot" section. Of course, adjust the parameters so
that it boots your kernel name and you invoke the qemu arch of your
choice. The rest is the same.

Other thing that I recall is sometimes Qemu had trouble when debugging
interrupts....or in general things that works periodically.

> Good news is I found the error (not me the folks at batman's irc channel
> did)  the
> memcpy(tvlv+sizeof(struct shortTvlv),value,length*sizeof(uint8_t)); needs to
> be
> memcpy((char *)tvlv+sizeof(struct shortTvlv),value,length*sizeof(uint8_t));

great!! :) casting mistakes, right?

> thanks for the assist everyone and if you have any good tutorials on qemu +
> kernel +gdb i'll be thankfull

See above :) google might reveal more IMHO


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