Missing Key-codes from input.h file.

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Mon Jun 25 13:54:26 EDT 2012

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:47 PM, anish kumar
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> On Mon, 2012-06-25 at 18:52 +0530, Dharam Kumar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working on a module which is an input device and hence it needs to
>> report certain key events.
>> While browsing through the <linux/input.h>, I did find most of the
>> key-codes(which I need to use)already defined but not all.
>> Few of the KEY_xxx which i could not find are:
>> a.) A Key for going to the previous channel.
>> b.) Keys for Moving upper-right, lower-right, upper-left and
>> lower-left direction(probably a GUI(grid of icons),where you move
>> diagonally)
>> d.) A key for Subpicture (this 'subpicture' key is deeined in
>> CEA-931C).
> I think you are interested in the user space implementation of
> the keys reported by the input subsystem of kernel.
> Keys reported by the driver->input subsystem->reported to user space.
> I am not sure about linux way of reporting keys but in android the key
> is reported at a particular sysfs file and this sysfs file is read by
> eventhub.cpp.This file in turn is responsible for sending the events
> to particular application and it is the responsibility of the
> application how they interpret this keys.It can interpret events by
> moving diagonally a pointer/touch or going left/right.
Thanks Anish ! To be clear, i just want to know the key-code
which will be used by the Input Subsytem of the Kernel.

For example, in <linux/input.h> file you will find a lot of #defines
like the below,mapping different kind of key events to some key-code
or value :
#define KEY_UP                 0xXYZ
#define KEY_DOWN         0xABC and so on...

Now, I'm looking for key events like:
#define KEY_RIGHTUP                         <???>
#define kEY_RIGHTLEFT                     <???>
#define kEY_SUBPICTURE                 <???> and so on...

You are probably right , that Userspace reads the key-events/key-codes
from certain sysfs entries exported by Android Linux Kernel and these
key-codes/events will be handled accordingly by the respective
Framework/Application. But  I'm really not interested in how and what
Userspace gets from Kernel.
I'm interested in what values the Kernel or input subsystem will
provide to such keys..

> Not sure if this is what you are interested in but would have been
> better if you had described the problem in more detail.
>> Does anybody have any idea about this?
>> -
>> Dharam
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