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> Hello,
> I am newbie.
> It has been said "kernel memory is not pageable"
> What does it mean? There is no concept of kernel virtual address?

Yes. Kernel works on static adress space.

> Any simple explanation will help me to udnerstand.

I'm not sure if you want to understand "how kernel manages memory for
its internal DS". If its the case you should read the following

1) Read the chapter 8 of Linux Device driver 3rd edition.

2) To understand slab allocator read the following papers by bonwick

   a) 94 paper describing slab allocator:

   b) Its followup in 2001

3) These should be enough. But if you want to know detailed architecture
of how virtual memory manager work you should read Gorman's book on
Linux virtual memory manager. Its a free pdf. can be found here:

Happy hacking.


> Thanks,
> Vijay
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