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> Hi,
> I've been trying to understand kernel_sendpage but I've not been able to
> figure it out completely and hopefully someone else knows better so please
> help me out on this.
> I'm using kernel_sendpage for a TCP connection and it works well when
> there are lesser number of kernel threads trying to send data using it.
> Now the page I hand over to kernel_sendpage is reused again for reading
> data from the socket and then processing it and then again resending the
> processed data in the same page again. It's at maximum 2KB data and never
> lesser than 120 bytes.
> As I see it in the code, the page isn't copied in the skb frags array it's
> just assigned and get_page is called to increment the page reference count.
> (I don't free it anyway until the thread is stopped and it never is unless
> it gets a signal).
> Now I don't know wether kernel_sendpage will wait for the page to be sent
> or it won't. I've tried with MSG_DONTWAIT and passing 0 for flags but after
> every now and then the problem occurs at client which I'm describing below
> with the best explanation I could think of...
>        When too many kernel threads are trying to send data using
> kernel_sendpage, with NO MSG_DONTWAIT flag, then also it seems that this
> call succeeds? However since I'm reusing the page the data can get
> overridden by the next sock_recvmsg and when the network stack is ready to
> send my page it gets garbage data at client?
> The same issue I observed with MSG_DONTWAIT set even in that case the
> client sometimes get garbage data.
> So my query is,
> To use kernel_sendpage what I need to do in order to be sure that network
> stack indeed has sent my page and that I can reuse it for sock_recvmsg
> again.
> Thanks a lot for reading!
> Regards,
> Pranay Kr. Srivastava
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I had a brief look at the kernel_sendpage() function. It can call either
sock->ops->sendpage() if this is set or calls

sock_no_sendpage() otherwise. If sock_no_sendpage() code path is executed

sock_no_sendpage() (kunmaps the page)-> kernel_sendmsg() -> sock_sendmsg()
(waits for data to be synced). So, I think you are OK if this is the code

You need to check this in case of sock->ops->sendpage().

- Rohan
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