New kernel for Chipbox

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Dear Javier,

Sorry for late reply, but thank you.

I also searched for many things on the net, read a lot of documentation, but 
it seems almost impossible thing to do... (That is shame, where is the power 
of linux? :) Just kidding )

Is there any way to do backporting ? For example, adding CIFS or USB WIFI 
support to my current kernel?

If so, what are the steps for it?

Best Regards


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>> Dear Harishkumar;
>> I already know how to find the changes, please see my 1st e-mail below.
>> The problem is, those changes are more than thousands of lines of code, 
>> and
>> hundreds of files are added or modified.
>> I wonder, how can I apply those thousands of changes to new kernel source
>> quickly and easily?
> The bad news is that there isn't a quickly and easily way to do it.
> The kernel doesn't have an stable API (read
> Documentation/stable_api_nonsense.txt) and the ARM part of the kernel
> is one of the most fast changing lately. So probably most of the
> drivers and SoC enablement platform code won't work with newer
> kernels.
> So, this isn't a trivial task.
> Best regards,
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