Driver for BlinkM i2c LED module

Jan-Simon Möller dl9pf at
Fri Jun 1 09:45:59 EDT 2012

Hi all!

*drum roll*

This is the first version of the blinkM i2c led driver.

blinkM is an RGB led module which hooks up to an i2c bus.
See .

The protocol uses sequences of i2c commands to communicate with the tiny 
embedded controller.

This driver implements the needed bits to make the blinkM work as
LED device (accepting the triggers in sysfs) and also has a sysfs group for 
the more "advanced settings" exposed by the controller.
Of course not all advanced options are implemented yet ;).

Comments ?

I'm also looking for the best place to fit this in.
Staging ? drivers/led ?

Have Phun!

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