inittab is not executing after my Linux box boots up

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Tue Jun 21 05:31:37 EDT 2011


First, don't top-post.

On Die, 2011-06-21 at 14:20 +0530, Prajosh Premdas wrote: 
> I have copied the generated rsa key and placed it in my nfs root
> filesystem. I find the problem still persists

> Please see the last leg of the logs below

> eth0: link up (100/Full)
> VFS: Mounted root (nfs filesystem) on device 0:12.
> Freeing init memory: 128K
> Starting network...
> ip: RTNETLINK answers: File exists
> Starting dropbear sshd: OK

And you are sure, you cannot login per ssh?

> I feel the already generated key has been detected. And still the
> initab doesn't execute. Please advice

Apart from the fact, that this isn't a kernel issue: The output from
above clearly says that user-space stuff is running - daemons, programs,
scripts started either indirectly from init or from a /linuxrc (which
may explain why inittab is ignored - I don't not remember what happens
if a /linuxrc exits).

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