tools to identify linux kernel panics and system hangs

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Sun Jun 19 11:22:32 EDT 2011

On Sun, Jun 19, 2011 at 5:31 PM, Metin KAYA <kayameti at> wrote:
> - Enable CONFIG_KALLSYMS in kernel configuration.
> - And the rest is here:
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Thanx for all the replies and facts . Actually my main concern is
regarding identifying kernel panics and system hangs
on embedded arm targets where i have access to only one serial port
used primarily for reporting debug messages .

Also wrt  x86 , i tried to use  gdb - kgdb interface using 2 PCs , but
communication used to break too often  .

Then i tried ftrace which i found quite convinient to use on x86 till
now except sometimes when  ftrace takes too much time to print
complete trace on console  in case of crash .

Can crash utility be used for arm targets as well ?

Amit Nagal

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