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Hi Venkateswarlu,

For Better understanding of do_fork you need to see the following link

This link tell you what all kernel functions are getting called when you fork 
from userspace.

with regards
Anand Moon

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>> how to understand the kernerl source  files in a simple way
>> what header  files i have to understand first
>> for example  to understand      do_fork()     function  for process
>> creation  which is defined in  kernel/fork.c
> In the end the Linux kernel is just a big project written in C.
> Instead of asking what files do you need to understand. You should ask
> yourself what subsystem do you want to learn?
> Focus on functionality and browse the code to understand. As others
> pointed before there are lots of good books that will give you a high
> overview of the kernel.
> The first book that I recommend reading is Linux kernel development by
> Robert Love, but only if you have already read a book on operating
> system concepts. The best book for me is Andrew Tanenbaum's Modern
> Operating Systems.
> Hope it helps,
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