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> I appreciate all the answers. But actually I was just looking for a review
> on the three books I asked for.
> Thanks anyway.
> Ezequiel.
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Some time ago I had the same question, because just like you I do not have
formal Computer Science studies but I work with the linux kernel,  after
reading a lot I reach the conclusion that is really necessary to have
knowledge about the operating systems, the architectures, the formal
concepts and definitions, to this goal in my personal opinion the best
choice is  Modern operating systems (Tanenbaum), the last edition is very
easy to understand and have a lot of examples regarding the linux kernel.
You don't need to read the whole book, you can read only the basic subjects,
at least for now,in the beginning of the book have some tips of how to do
this, the rest of the book you can read as soon as you feel necessary. After
this basic, to learn how all this theory is applied in real world you can
read Robert love Linux kernel development, to understand the linux kernel
you really need to read this book, but there's no use if you do not have the
basic knowledge that I told before. there's another choices but if this book
is not the best it is among the bests.
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