kernel list data structure

Ali Bahar ali at
Sun Jun 5 22:19:57 EDT 2011

> > "noop_data" has a reference to start point of bundles list, called
> > "writeQueue"

> > struct noop_data {
> >     struct list_head readQueue;
> >     struct list_head writeQueue;
> >     struct bundle bun;
> Why are you embedding a struct bundle here?

This was my focus, too. In my previous mail, I said that this is
But I think that there is another problem here as well: Amirali wants
writeQueue to be the "start point of bundles list", but it won't.
writeQueue is just a linked list (LL) of nodes of type 'struct
noop_data'. (I am hoping that you, Jonathan, have more experience with
this than me. What do you think?)

Looking at the definition of list_head, it is just a pair of next-prev
pointers. As such, 'head' is a misnomer. (I don't usually barge-in,
criticizing, so don't bite my head off, please!)

I need to dig a bit more into this.

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