can we measure the traffic between user and kernel mode

loody miloody at
Sun Jan 30 03:07:35 EST 2011

2011/1/28 Alexandre Courbot <gnurou at>:
>> I can "strace -o -tt 123 a.out" before "A begin" but how could I
>> combine console output with the content of strace?
> strace does output to stderr unless you specify the -o option. So by
> using something like
> $ strace -tt your_program
> or
> $ strace -tt your_program &> log.txt
> you will have both outputs intermingled. Note that the console output
> of your program will appear in the middle of the corresponding write()
> system call.
I have tried both ways you mentioned.
in case 1:
it did interleave the output of standard output with standard error.
in case 2:
the standard output seems will be collect for flush at later,
(I attach the testing result for your reference.)
theoretically, file re-direction should not be effect the content of
output, right?
appreciate your help :-)
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