Memory leak with dev_add_pack()

Michael Blizek michi1 at
Sat Jan 22 02:18:05 EST 2011


On 21:54 Fri 21 Jan     , Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> While it essentially works as I want it to, I found that I am leaking
> memory this way. Having this module in a highly loaded network, 
> "head -n5 /proc/meminfo" shows that MemFree is steadily falling, until
> the kernel OOPS with an out of memory condition.

I could not see anything wrong here either. Some things which came to my
mind where:

- Does this also happen, if you do not call PromiscuousMode_Enter?
- Which user grows is /proc/slabinfo? (If this file is emply or does not
  exist, you may meed to recompile the kernel to use slab instead of
- Which kernel version are you using? Have you tried different versions?

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