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Greg KH greg at
Wed Jan 19 22:01:28 EST 2011

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 09:11:53PM -0500, Pein Junior wrote:
> > What is the USB device and vendor id? 
> Hope this manual help explaining all that.

No, what is the output of 'lsusb' with it plugged in?

> >What have you done to try to make it work?  
> >What kernel version?  What errors did you get?
> my USB ports working fine, with the latest kernel and no errors because it didn't show any new hardware connected.
> And it comes with its own installation when its connected to a windows pc with the ISP name. works on 2.5GHz, they call it WiMax.

You didn't answer all of the questions :(

What does the kernel log show when you plug in the device?  Can you send
the output of 'dmesg'?  Clear out the buffer before you plug it in:
	dmesg -c
then plug in the device, then save the output of the kernel log and send
it in your reply to this message:
	dmesg > kernel_log


greg k-h

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