Need advice/help with my driver debug

Vic lix vic.lix10 at
Tue Jan 18 18:22:56 EST 2011

I am trying out a scheme where in I want to emulate a disk storage in the
app space.
With this in mind, I created a chain of  "BlkDrv <-> CharDrv <-> DiskApp"

Disk_app has the real storage (done in memory); BlkDrv is to have block
driver interface to this disk for the rest of the system; While CharDrv is
use for communicating  between BlkDrv and DiskApp. (Order of loading is
insmod chardrv; create a link node; run DiskApp.out ; insmod blkDrv)

BlkDrv is mostly something I picked up from the web (RamDisk). And use to
work fine with a local vmalloc-ed RAM. But once I added my logic; I see that
once I do fdisk and try to mkfs on the disk it hangs my system.

Can you please advice something which I might be doing wrong.

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