HT: File Permissions of files in /system/bin at compile time

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> HowTo set file permissions of files in /system/bin at compile time of
> kernel.
> example : the command  reboot under system/bin has persmissions as
> lrwxr-xr-x -- reboot
> Is it done throught setting some Kconfig/config variables??
> If I can recall correctly kernel is not setting any permission to any file
and what do u meant by compile time?
While compiling or building only kernel binaries are created.

Its the filesystem utilities that create a particular directory or binaries
in that particular directory.
Some compilation of kernel and filesystem is done together. That is one
build system which creates kernel using kernel build system and other system
to create to binaries(lets say busybox etc), This filesystem build system
has rules for setting permission to any binary or directory in that file
once entire filesystem is created its bundled in form of an archive, which
is then converted in filesystem image for any file system(ext2, jjfs etc).
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