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Well said Mohit, but problem I am having is to find something in the kernel janitor section that's for Newbie but can not find any simple link to click to look at code and adjust and compile. I read all I need already just need to apply myself.

Also interesting in wireless devices.

Thanks in advance

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>> hi
>> >i want to devlop a linux  project..which is best use in industries....

>> >i dont hav any idea about where to start...can you provide.....some
>> > idea...from where to start...
>> >i hav lot of linux...device driver...

Hey which kind of project? control ? signals? power management ?
automation ?? what architecture arm?? which hardware ??

Focus on what do you want with details and I can help you


Victor Rodriguez

> Repeatedly it has been said on this list
> PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK(yes, all caps)
> here is your site:

> and if you specifically want some more answers dig here:
> your question is too vague to be answered, dig more on these sites and then

> ask specific query.
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Hello Everyone,
I have been a member of the mailing list for quite a while now.Over a period of time I have seen new people coming in and making valuable contributions.However, I feel in due course we have become a little intolerant towards 'Newbies' - for whom this list is.There is a lot of yelling / shouting happening which ideally shouldn't happen no matter how inappropriate / irrelevant the question is. Please understand :

we are not dealing with the same set of people people are joining the list if not everyday perhaps every week.These people come from varied backgrounds, various nationalities, different circumstances, different motives / ambitions, different skillsets, different mindset.They might /(might not) follow a set laid down pattern of this mailing list.

Moreover, This list is about Newbies ...people who are just starting out and many of them are just exploring this domain ...not even sure whether they belong here or not.We must be patient with them. Yelling / shouting will just spread bitterness & resentment and puts so many others on the defensive.Newbies is all about committing your share of mistakes and learning from them.Serious ones will learn & mature whereas others will join some other stream.

lastly, if one finds a question silly / dumb (which has been asked umpteenth time) ...then to say the least "Pls don't respond" to that query.I think no one is indispensable here to have earned the right to shout at people

just wanted to make the above stated points so that we continue doing great work...with malice towards none.
These points were not meant to offend anyone...if I have I apologies.

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