syscall trace at kernel land

mohit verma mohit89mlnc at
Tue Jan 11 02:06:26 EST 2011

hi ,

let me explain myself :
 for example , open syscall calls sys_open then do_sys_open so
like: do_sys_open -> do_filp_open -> link_path_walk -> so on.
so while the cpu is executing the link_path_walk , is there any procedure in
kernel to check for the interrupt vector number which caused it to be
i mean like one of my friends said that when  kernel is about to restart a
syscall then it raises signal -ERESTARTSYS signal for signal handler. but i
think it is for
something went wrong and kernel wanna start the syscall again. but in
between a syscall  routine is it possible to get vector number (i repeat
,sorry) ??

thanks in advance for help

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