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Hi Rahul,

you may need to look at "man ps" in linux. there are examples given in
the "man ps". some are pasted...

       To see every process on the system using standard syntax:
          ps -e
          ps -ef
          ps -eF
          ps -ely
       To print a process tree:
          ps -ejH
          ps axjf
       To get info about threads:
          ps -eLf
          ps axms
       To get security info:
          ps -eo euser,ruser,suser,fuser,f,comm,label
          ps axZ
          ps -eM
       To see every process running as root (real & effective ID) in user
          ps -U root -u root u
       To see every process with a user-defined format:
          ps -eo pid,tid,class,rtprio,ni,pri,psr,pcpu,stat,wchan:14,comm
          ps axo stat,euid,ruid,tty,tpgid,sess,pgrp,ppid,pid,pcpu,comm
          ps -eopid,tt,user,fname,tmout,f,wchan
       Print only the process IDs of syslogd:
          ps -C syslogd -o pid=
       Print only the name of PID 42:
          ps -p 42 -o comm=

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 2:15 PM, Rahul Kumar <mailforgroup at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I just want to know the command option for that i can see the
> complete arguments for the executable running. Right now, i'm seeing
> the truncated output. This i need because i would like to rerun the
> process with the same arguments.
> Can any one help me out on this.
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