how to compile the 0.01 version of kernel

KK nitric.acid at
Sun Jan 9 12:18:56 EST 2011

On 1/9/2011 9:41 PM, Javier Martinez Canillas wrote:
> Hello,
>> Then the next thing I was trying to do was to compile the source code
>> and try to understand the various methods/function calls, system calls
>> etc, but I'm not able to compile the code, I'm getting the following
>> errors:
> If you want to compile this kernel to understand how an operating
> system works. I would recommend using a newer kernel version that you
> can easily compile and test with current tools. Compiling a 0.01 with
> today tools will be a pain and you would learn more about C compiling
> and linking than operating system internals.
> The Linux kernel is a really complex beast but also it is highly
> modularized, so you can try to understand one aspect at a time. Also
> there is much more documentation about recent kernels code that for a
> kernel that old.
> I would recommend buying some of the excellent books about Linux
> kernel internals, the best book in my opinion is Robert Love's Linux
> Kernel Development (
> Another great books  are Linux Device Drivers
> (, Essential Linux Device Drivers
> ( and IA-64 Linux Kernel: Design and
> Implementation ( Also site has a lot of
> documentation about the kernel in its Kernel index page
> (
> I think that reading about the kernel internals while looking at the
> source code and latter trying to hack the code is the best way to
> learn about the Linux kernel an operating systems internals.
Thanks for your suggestion, Martinez. You got me right, basically I want 
to learn the more about the linux kernel internals. I know the its 
almost next to impossible to get a good grasp of the current kernel, I 
thought may be I should start with the older kernels and try to get good 
basic understanding, play around  and thereby learn things.
and once I've got a decent understanding of things I'll select any 
particular module of my interest and go ahead digging deeper in that 
particular section. I dint know that compiling the older kernel is such 
a pain and yes this exercise will end up learning more on 
compilation/linking etc and not what I exactly want.

Thanks for your suggestion. I'm going to buy some really good book in 
linux kernel and start learning and hacking.  Please let me know if you 
have any other suggestion on learning linux kernel internals.


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