enabling bridge support in 2.4.26 Debian kernel

Don Tucker dtucker at arlut.utexas.edu
Fri Jan 7 12:56:05 EST 2011


I recently rebuilt a 2.4.26 kernel, and selected

[M] 802.1d Ethernet Bridging

during the "make menuconfig" stage.

When I attempt the "make modules_install" stage, I get errors at the end 
when depmod is run (because I am cross-compiling on a different platform 
(i386 for ARM), and running with a different kernel (2.6 instead of 
2.4)).  So, I wait until I've copied all of the modules over to the new 
platform and then run depmod there.  When I do, this is the response I get:

unresolved symbol br_ioctl_hook
unresolved symbol br_handle_frame_hook

I'm not sure how to resolve these errors.  It seems like some other 
module is required in the build.

If I set CONFIG_BRIDGE=y in the .config file (have to manually edit, as 
this option is not allowed with "make menuconfig"), and rebuild, I don't 
get any unresolved symbol error with depmod.  BUT, when I actually try 
to use bridge-utils I get an error indicating that the kernel was not 
configured with bridge support!

root at ts7000:modules# brctl addbr br0
add bridge failed: Package not installed

At first I thought this might mean that bridge-utils wasn't installed, 
but I typed "dpkg --get-selections" and it is indeed installed.  Can 
anyone help me to get bridge support enabled in the kernel?  Thank you 
for any assistance.


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