[OOT] To all who feel clueless: an advice from another newbie

Mulyadi Santosa mulyadi.santosa at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 17:54:03 EST 2011

Hi all (boys and girl, ladies and gentlemen)

Lately I realize many member ask quite alike same thing "where do we
start? kindly guide me".

OK, this is interesting. How do we guide you, if you don't tell us
your interest/"expertise"/track record/so on? And more: what's your
goal? What do you want to achieve? Glory? Fame? Money? Girls? or just
something to fill your spare time?

Please realize that there is actually no guide. It's you who has to
guide yourself. We can only show you the "way". "Way", ok? road,
street, canal, things like that.... but not somekind of food
recipe....do this, jump on that, duck at that point. That's
guide...but unfortunately we virtually know nothing about you. You,
here, are no more than just email address representing a human. It
becomes alive when you put your soul in it...your spirit, your desire

Then, there's no guide? Actually there is, but not obvious. Look on
the way we discuss things, dig archieve...use google etc. Then combine
it with your own thinking. Formulate it...I am sure you can do it.
After all, if you're so stupid (sorry if it is harsh), you won't come
up in this list, right?

"Just gave me the tutorial, bro!". OK, that's it. That's the
showstopper. We don't accept command. We're not your slaves. Here,
everybody partner with others and together we share ideas. That's why
it is called community. So if you have bossy mentality, please leave.
We won't miss you, not even a bit. We miss friends, but not some
clones of Hitler or Mussolini of 21st century.

And please, don't make this list as somekind of late soap opera. "I am
frustated" "I need that so bad"....so touchy, but that only shows that
you're not adult. Instead, you're showing yourself more like 6 months
baby who can only cry. World needs tough people. You're not tough? You
wanna get some baby sitting? Not here....

last, please don't make this list as somekind of your 911. You dial,
you expect answer. No answer, then you think someone violates your
human right. Wrong guess. We are people with real life and real life
makes "latency". If you plan to see "David Copperfield show", click
youtube and enjoy the recording there. We're here to help as much as
we can, but we have limitations and we don't dedicate our life just to
read e-mails. But if you plan to do such thing, please do so and send
us your whole body picture 6 month later, preferrably in 32 bit TIFF
format, after making yourself as living answering machine.

I risk my neck to be said as complete d**k due to this e-mail. It's
ok, at least I try to make this community better :)


Mulyadi Santosa
Freelance Linux trainer and consultant

blog: the-hydra.blogspot.com
training: mulyaditraining.blogspot.com

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