how opensolaris stores the major number ?

Deepen Mehta deepenmehta at
Wed Jan 5 02:00:01 EST 2011


zfs_mknode is the function use by mknod syscall to create device special
in solaris kernel. I traverse the code and just found how they stores the
minor number
which is in znode's(disk inode of Linux) attributes struct called
sa_bulk_attr field
uint16_t sa_buftype which is of 16bit only. so, it just store minor number
in this field.
And I am failed to understand where/how the solaris exact stores major
from code traversing.

so, can somebody clarify where/how the major number stores in solaris code
or in znode(disk inode).

the source is available online and following link is of zfs_znode.c file
zfs_mknode function...

Deepen Mehta
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