get info in a loop from a sysfs entry

Wouter Simons lkml at
Tue Jan 4 09:35:53 EST 2011

On 01/04/2011 02:56 PM, Greg KH wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 01:46:38PM +0100, Wouter Simons wrote:
>> I believe I have found the issue. The older kernel my driver is
>> currently running on (a 2.6.21 version maintained by the hardware
>> supplier) does not seem to rearm the show method on seek to 0.
> 2.6.21 is so obsolete and old and insecure it's not funny.  Please use a
> modern kernel version.

Yes, I know. It is a shame that I am currently forced to use this. The
problem is that the board that I am using is not supported in newer
kernel versions. There have been people that tried to put it into the
mainline kernel, but that is now basically unmaintained code and I
cannot compile a recent kernel for my platform.

The long-term solution is to work to integrate required drivers into the
mainline, but I work for a commercial company and we are launching a
system soon which is running in an embedded style with this platform.

The system is a TS-7800 arm based SBC from, the
hardware is good, but unfortunately they have chosen to take a kernel
version and make their own fork without making sure it gets updated. The
ts7800 platform support in the current kernel does not appear to work,
or I am too dumb to make it work ;-) The only good thing about this is
that I do not have to run this board connected to the internet or any
other untrusted source directly.

Hopefully, I will get the time required this year to update the required
components to the current kernel version and get it into the ARM arch,
but honestly, I started developing a few drivers for this board and am
not a linux guru (yet) so it is a daunting task to take up on my own.

So yes I would like to move to a newer kernel, but it is not trivial.

best regards, Wouter

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