FPGA registers userspace interface?

Kfir Lavi lavi.kfir at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 10:21:21 EST 2011

On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 5:09 PM, Kfir Lavi <lavi.kfir at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 3:00 PM, Philip Downer <phil at pjd.me.uk> wrote:
>> On 03/01/11 12:47, Kfir Lavi wrote:
>>  I have a FPGA that is constantly changing (its on development phase).
>>> I want to let userspace app to update those registers, but don't want to
>>> create an API yet.
>>> What is the best way to open a range of registers to userspace, so no
>>> driver update is required?
>> When I had to do this recently I used sysfs, I have no idea if it's the
>> best way but it certainly was very effective. Remember in sysfs that each
>> file should only have one value.
>> Once it's setup though you can just write to the sysfs files, I started by
>> writing simple perl scripts to test things before starting to write more
>> complex apps.
>> HTH
>> Phil
> So what do expose in sysfs? for each register - a file of it's own? or you
> get a bulk of data to one file?
> Thanks,
> Kfir

I thought about using 3 files in sysfs.
1. address of the register
2. data to write to the register
3. trigger that do the write

Please share your comments.
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