Co-maintainers for my ham packages

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at
Thu May 26 18:27:25 EDT 2022

On Thu, May 26, 2022 at 1:59 PM Matt Domsch <matt at> wrote:

> Due to an impending move to NYC and related downsizing of my house into a
> 2-bedroom apartment, I'm selling all my ham radio gear. Therefore I won't
> be able to test any of the Fedora packages I maintain with actual
> hardware.  Would anyone be interested in maintaining or co-maintaining
> these?
> - direwolf - Sound Card-based AX.25 TNC
> - CubicSDR - Cross-Platform Software-Defined Radio Panadapter
> - liquid-dsp - Digital Signal Processing Library for Software-Defined
> Radios
> - sdrpp - SDRPlusPlus bloat-free SDR receiver software
> - SoapySDR - A Vendor Neutral and Platform Independent SDR Support Library
> - soapy-rtlsdr - SoapySDR module for RTL-SDR hardware

Whichever ones aren't taken, just give them to me (or orphan them and let
me know).

But if someone wants them, please take them! I need more packages like I
need a new hole in my head. :)
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