Initial look at GridTracker for inclusion to Fedora

Matthew Chambers nr0q at
Fri Oct 1 12:27:02 EDT 2021


I've done a lot of tweaking with the spec file (now packaging as a 
no-arch) for GridTracker with the Makefile and CI/CD script doing the 
heavy work. Updated version is here

I built RPMs with the spec file in our CI and they are here

GridTracker has a dependency on NWJS which per good Linux practice and 
Fedora guidelines should be in a separate packge which I've done too.
with a pair of builds, still trying to work with the dev team on why the 
latest NWJS appears to break GridTracker so I built the version that we 
are currently including in Windows, Mac and Tarball builds and they are 

I'd apprectiate any comments, criticism and further direction. Thanks 
Matt and Richard for the help already!

Matthew Chambers, NR0Q
Dev-Ops / Server-Ops

On 9/23/21 10:19 PM, Matt Domsch wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 22, 2021 at 11:10 AM Matthew Chambers 
> <nr0q at <mailto:nr0q at>> wrote:
>     What I'm not finding easily is what the actual requirements to have
>     software included in the Fedora repos?
> <> and links 
> there are a great place to get started.  If you've not packaged 
> anything before, you'll need to follow the process and obtain a 
> sponsor as well.
>     The program in question is GridTracker (licensed under the BSD
>     3-Clause
>     license) with source code and RPM files available.
> The spec files in the upstream will need a bit of cleanup work to meet 
> the packaging guidelines reference in the link above.. The Makefile 
> for installation is pretty light so the spec file is having to do a 
> good bit more than typical 'make install'.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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