chirp COPR for Fedora 32, rawhide, and EL 8

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at
Thu Apr 30 11:01:57 EDT 2020

As a stop gap measure I have created a COPR for chirp with the missing
python2 requirements.

I have built chirp for Fedora 32, Fedora Rawhide, and EL 8.

One of the dependencies is libxml2 which is a C library with python
bindings. Hopefully it doesn't cause any issues with the Fedora version but
I'll have to stay on top of any updates to the Fedora version.

This a very much a less than ideal situation but I haven't found a better
one. I tried setting up a flatpak but gave up. The documentation is too
poor and trying to write JSON is an exercise in frustration.

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