direwolf 1.6 prerelease in copr

Matt Domsch matt at domsch.com
Mon Apr 20 15:41:41 EDT 2020

Direwolf soundcard-based TNC is approaching a 1.6 release.  I've been
running it as an APRS digipeater and igate from my home in Austin for
several months, and it's been working great.  I'm waiting for the actual
1.6 release before updating any of the Fedora mainline repos.  I've now
built it in copr for Fedora 31, 32, and rawhide.

$ sudo dnf copr enable mdomsch/direwolf
$ sudo dnf install direwolf

This packaging adds a system service to run direwolf in the background,
with logs into /var/log/direwolf.

I've also updated my copr build of CubicSDR to pick up the new hamlib 4.0
pre-release that was pushed there recently.

$ sudo dnf copr enable mdomsch/CubicSDR
$ sudo dnf install CubicSDR

Matt N5MLD
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