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Tue Apr 7 14:44:04 EDT 2020


First off, my apologies for the poor etiquette of not introducing myself

My name is David Sastre, I work as a Cloud Architect for Red Hat in the
EMEA region.
My background is in system administration, identity management, security
and automation.
These days more focused in OpenShift and all things containers.

I have always had an interest in ham radio, but never had enough time,
motivation or money at the same time to commit to it properly.
Now might be a good time.
As a complete newbie to this field, I'm reading a lot, preparing to take my
exam and get licensed.
In my country, Spain, there are a few amateur radio associations, I'm a
member of the URE (, where I've been assigned a temporary
listening-only indicative (EA6325URE) until I get the definitive one.

In the meantime, I've been using some of the already packaged software
available in Fedora, and filled a couple of BZs (nothing really relevant),
in order to, at least, have something to prove my interest in this SIG and
my willingness to contribute.

I'm also interested in the (obviously) closely related field of electronics.
I'm completely self-tought, so may I ask the group to bear with me while I
learn the ropes.

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