CubicSDR & SoapySDR failures

Matt Domsch matt at
Sun Jun 9 16:01:45 EDT 2019

On Sat, Jun 8, 2019 at 2:02 PM Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle at> wrote:

> Hi, I am just now setting up an SDRPlay Duo and was thinking about using
> CubicSDR.  I do not mind taking this assuming it supports SDRPlay.
> I have never used it so please advise, has it worked with SDRPlay hardware
> previously?  I am starting here at ground zero as far as SDR stuff so will
> have
> to get myself setup and oriented on the build process. (Currently I am a
> gcc/gfortran maintainer, and I am shifting my interests a little more to
> my ham
> radio work.

Thanks Jerry.  I'd gladly take you up on the offer for both.

Miro Hrončok was able to resolve the SoapySDR python 3.8 build failure, so
that is now fixed and the most recent release is in rawhide.  There
shouldn't be a need to backport that to F30 unless you really wanted to.

There is an upstream SoapySDR plugin for SDRPlay, which I have not packaged
as I don't have that hardware.  That would be your first step.

As for CubicSDR, it's going to be an ongoing struggle unless either
wxWidgets development release is packaged into Fedora, or someone goes
through the trouble of getting an exception to include it statically for

Matt N5MLD
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