CubicSDR & SoapySDR failures

Matt Domsch matt at
Mon Jun 3 12:23:40 EDT 2019

CubicSDR is a panadapter spectrum visualizer.  CubicSDR in Fedora 29 has
been getting abrt failures.  Reported upstream, the upstream developer does
not wish to investigate, as our versions of libraries (specifically,
wxwidgets-3.0.x) is older than what he's built for (wxwidgets-3.1.x, a
development branch).  I had backported to wxwidgets-3.0 6 months ago, but
upstream has moved on with extensive use of 3.1 APIs, making backporting
much more difficult now.   Fedora 31 (rawhide) does not yet have
wxwidgets-3.1, and the maintainer there has said he won't upgrade it to a
development branch.  So CubicSDR is unlikely to be fixed before
wxwidgets-3.2, whenever that happens. :-(

SoapySDR is a hardware library for various adapter boards, which is used by
CubicSDR.  SoapySDR has one reported failure, building against Python 3.8
in Fedora 31 (rawhide).  I don't believe SoapySDR is used outside of
CubicSDR at this time.  With CubicSDR not being fixed, I don't know that
it's worth it to try to fix SoapySDR yet. Perhaps wait for upstream to
address it.

If either of these matter to you and you're in a position to fix them,
please do.


The two bugs are:

[abrt] [faf] CubicSDR: __pthread_mutex_lock(): /usr/bin/CubicSDR.bin killed
by 11

SoapySDR fails to build with Python 3.8
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